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Build your own cricket bat from £109 which includes FREE P&P globally, FREE oiling & FREE knocking with our SmartKnock auto-mallet machine. All our bats are TRULY "match-ready".
In Partnership with Mids Sports, World famous bat-makers from Sialkot, Pakistan.
In Partnership with Mids Sports, World famous bat-makers from Sialkot, Pakistan.
In Partnership with Mids Sports, World famous bat-makers from Sialkot, Pakistan.
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Same-Day Bat Knocking is Possible
With our SmartKnock Machine, same day knocking is possible for Londoners and next day is possible for anyone outside of London.
We even oil your bat for FREE too!
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If required, we can even provide you with a box to put your bat in. The "Bat-Box" is placed into a waterproof UPS mailing bag that can be left outside your door if you are not in!

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Made in Pakistan to help you "Make It" anywhere around the world, Just like these West Indies players.

Mids have been helping cricketers around the world. Outside of Pakistan, Mids has an amazing bond with West Indian cricketers. MIDS are proud sponsors of the following players:

Andre Fletcher

West Indies ICC Cricketer famous for his big-hitting, Andre Fletcher holds the PSL record for the biggest SIX in PSL history measuring a whopping 114m. Watch the video here - p.s. that is what our Grade 1 Cricket Bats sound like!

Devendra Bishoo

West Indies ICC Cricketer, Revendra Bishoo, famous for his world-class leg-spin is no stranger to the Bat. Bishoo has been using our bats for years and is a fantastic asset for any team he plays in. Thanks Bishoo - keep up the phenomenal work!

Kyle Hope

West Indies ICC Cricketer with the gift of timing, Kyle Hope is one of the classiest batsmen around and one of the brand ambassadors of Mids cricket bats.

Miguel Cummins

ICC Cricketer primarily known for his bowling but is no stranger to the bat if you followed his season playing for Wavertree in the Liverpool and District Cricket Competition back when he was 17. He led season wit.h the best bowling and batting figures and averaged a fantastic 48.92 with 2 centuries and 3 fifties under his belt.

Although he has not had a real opportunity to showcase his batting skills batting in the tail-end of the West Indies lineup we are proud to sponsor such a talented cricketer.

Kemar Roach

One of the best fast bowlers in the world, Kemar Roach is a global superstar and has broken many a toe with his 90+mph yorkers! On 5th July 2018 Roach humiliated Bangladesh's talented batting line-up with an incredible 5 wickets from 12 balls - yes that's right! What a performance - well done Kemar Roach!

It is a pleasure sponsoring Kemar who relies on Mids to make those handy knocks at the end of the West Indies inning. He is more than capable of scoring with that bat!

Players who use Mids Bats "MAKE IT".

Many famous cricketers have trusted MIDS to take them to success. Here are some players who got famous after performing with our bats.

Babar Azam

Pakistani ICC Cricketer currently ranked no. 1 in the world, Babar Azam stormed into the world of international cricket after captaining the Pakistan under 19's team. He had used a Mids bat throughout his youth career and up until the Ireland/England tour in 2016.

Ahmed Shezad

Pakistani ICC cricketer who was the TOP scorer of Pakistan Super League (PSL) 1 & 2. During the first season Shezad was using a Mids Cricket Bat. Only recently has he switched to a different bat-maker but his performance when using a Mids bats will never be forgotten.

In one particular innings he managed to hit 3 sixes in a row using our bat.

Imad Wasim

Pakistani ICC Cricketer and captain of the Karachi Kings PSL team, Imad Wasim is a well-respected all-rounder and well-known for his big-hitting ability made famous in the CPL (Caribbean Premier League). Imad Wasim has used Mids cricket bats throughout his whole career including 2018. He is now sponsored by another bat-maker but we have enjoyed helping him reach his full potential.


The secret to big-hitting is knocking-in and oiling.

24 Hour Knocking-In Service via SmartKnock, the SMART way of Knocking in Your Cricket Bat. It is also the knocking-in machine of choice used by some of India's National Squad.

Let us bring YOUR Cricket Bat to life at an affordable price.

No Packaging for your bat? NO PROBLEM.

We provide all packaging and send this out to you for next-day delivery. All you have to do is pack your bat and send it to us using the labels we provide you with - it is genuinely as simple as that.

Below are some players who use the SmartKnock machine to prepare their cricket bats.

We manually knock in every centimetre of the blade up until the "V" of the bat, striking the bat over 20,000 times within an hour to ensure your bat is ACTUALLY ready to play - no "throw-downs" or net practice is required when Your Cricket Bat knock your bat in.

You can choose to drop your bat off to us in London to save costs or we can send you everything required to safely send your bat in.

All of our Mids cricket bats are oiled and fully-knocked in using our SmartKnock machine for FREE.

Hardik Pandya

Indian ICC Cricketer who needs no introduction whatsoever, Hardik Pandya is known for his big-hitting. One thing Pandya can rely on heavily is his bat because it has been knocked in by the SmartKnock machine by Smart Technologies which will knock a bat in better and more consistently than a human being. Even when Pandya edges the ball it can hit the fence yet his blade remains undamaged. Now British players can enjoy this same quality by using our SmartKnock machine which includes the new touch-screen panel and knocking-in software to ensure the bat is knocked in everywhere appropriate, including areas where customers specify.

Parthiv Patel

ICC Indian cricketer who is known globally for his batting and wicket-keeping skills. Parthiv Patel is a classy timer of the ball and has his bats knocked in with the Smart Knock machine. When professionals as experienced as Parthiv Patel rely on the Smart Knock machine year-after-year, bat-after-bat one could assume the machine does a fantastic and reliable job in preparing a cricket bat for play.

At Your Cricket Bat we noticed a MASSIVE difference with the performance of bats simply because the machine breaks in the fibres of the blade minimise the risk of the bat breaking or performing inconsistently. It is impossible to replicate this quality of knocking by the traditional "mallet-in-hand" method.

Ishan Kishan

ICC Indian  cricketer, Ishan Kishan became captain of the India Under 19's team aged only 16. In early 2018 Kishan also scored the second-fastest fifty in IPL history. All you need to do is watch him play to understand how good his bat sounds when he middles a shot - that's what a fully-knocked in bat by the Smart Knock machine sounds like which is why Kishan can hit big shots time after time.